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First Edition Re-Upholstery Gold Coast Manufactures Banquette seating Bench and Booths for Restaurants and shops.


We can build Banquettes from drawings supplied by customers or manufacture to a specific size that is best suited to your area.

The installation is simple just bolt down to the floor, when we build in sections they can be transported easily and joined together on the site.

We use fire retardant foams and commercial fabrics or vinyls for easy clean our frames are strong and reliable.

The design is endless Bolster backs Diamond stitched backs or diamond buttoned the choice is yours.

Diamond Buttoned Banquette back upholstered in commercial vinyl by First Edition Upholstery Gold Coast

Diamond Buttoned Banquette back

The Deep buttoned back is our specialty we have vast experience in this area because our early trade jobs were antiques which were mostly buttoned the foam thickness and hardness is very important for this process to work.


 We can use commercial fabrics or vinyls for the deep buttoning any colour that suits, the decor.

Bolster back Banquette in commercial vinyl made by First Edition Upholstery Gold Coast

Bolster back Banquette

The bolster back can be made any size for example the picture shows 3 rolls it could be 5 or 6 and could extend to the roof upholstered in fabric or vinyl.

Pacifica Standard exceeds 1 MILLION Martindale rubs.

Pacifica Standard range offers a subtle leather grain effect in a combination of stylish and bold colour tones. 

Specifically designed to perform in harsh environments, Pacifica® fabrics possess superior technical advantages, enabling the fabric to withstand extreme conditions.

Fabric specifications surpass industry expectations for longevity, UV stability, fire retardancy, stain resistance and anti-mould and mildew protection.

A brilliant colour palette of 44 shades ( 3 new colours added in October 2021) embracing classic and modern themes provides specifiers and designers unlimited creative scope for diverse upholstery applications. Pacifica colours offer depth and vibrancy, boldness or subtlety, style and substance in equal measure. 

Pacifica vinyl colour example

Austex commercial vinyl

Warwick Lustrell commercial vinyl

Pacifica Colours.jpg


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